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Welcome to the Guam Identification Systems. Official use only.

Available Services
Services provided enhance the process of obtaining official Guam identification cards from the Motor Vehicle Division of the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation.

 • Schedule Appointment
   Use this tool to make an appointment for service.
All scheduled appointments will be processed in Driver's License Room#7
In order for us to utilize our time productively and to maintain our
appointment with the other applicants, we are only allowing a
five (5) minutes grace period for your appointment.

For Schedule Written Exam and Schedule an appointment for Road Test Services:
The Schedule Written Exam service does not schedule a date and time to take the actual written exam; the Schedule an appointment for Road Test service does not schedule a date and time to take your actual road test. Scheduling an appointment online for these services means that you are reserving a date and time for you to visit the DMV office to process your application and to determine if you have met all the requirements to be able to schedule your written or road exam.

 • Submit Photo ID Application Online
   Complete your Guam Photo ID Application on-line.
 • Submit Drivers License Application Online
   Complete your Guam Drivers License Application on-line.
 • Forms / Document Library
   Download available documents required for some services.
 • Contact Information
   Contact information for all branch offices.

System Authorization/Usage Policy

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